Information: New Linwood Fabric Art House Collection


Information: Linwood fabric Art House Collection Cushions. £44.91 reduced from £49.90 + Free Carriage

Fabric Palette

Design your own sofa.

Sofa simulator

The sofa simulator is unique to Beaumont Interiors.

We realised that a sofa or chair is such a personal thing that we came up with an idea to meet this process: We buy clothes to fit us, why not furniture?
What we have done is design a sofa that we are able to adjust the seat and back, height and depth and also be able to adjust the arm height, to try out different seat and back fillings too. This is for the customer to be able to come to the show room and sit on the sofa and try the different position to find the right sizes to suit you.

This also will work hand in hand with the design of your own range, where you can see the different arm styles added to the sofa for you to try and, at the same time, get the right size that suits you, and changing the size of your sofa, within reason, does not change the price.


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